Some light facts about weight Gain

Hello everyone! Am back with another post on some tips for better you. Today's topic is weight gain yes off course the so-called trending topic on the internet and Am amazed to see google results when I searched for Weight loss tips. All are claiming to give you a perfect body in just a month [...]


Healing your soul through Meditation!

Happy weekend to all! I think the weekend is the best time for this kind of post so that one can try this after reading. As I mentioned in my first post 'How to be happy in all odds' (you can go and check) that I will tell you different techniques of meditation so, here [...]

Your Shit tells about your mental health # Gut Brain Axis

We usually admire things which sound big like we admire heart for pumping blood which rushes in our body to keep it alive, we admire brain as our master which controls what is going inside our body. but we hardly even think of gut doing anything more than pooing every day in the morning. But [...]