How to be happy in all odds contd…

Hello, friends!

This is in continuation of my first post where I had shared ways to be happy in tough situations of life. so let us discuss them:-



Many of us link spirituality with religions and customs but it is not all about that only. Most of the people follow a spiritual path or join any religious organisation for social support, faith, community service, cultural tradition or for mere commitment to the community. Have you ever heard someone saying that he or she prays regularly to feel happy? I can guess your answers will be no, but it’s actually true that there is a close relationship between spiritual engagement and happiness.

So, next time when you feel low just try this:-

play light musical prayer on your player, just sit, take a deep breath think about the almighty who created everything. Just pray to him to provide you strength to overcome all the tough situations in your life. A few minutes later you will start to feel his powers which are present in your soul.  After 10-15 mins you will surely be able to say yourself that now I am strong enough to fight. This will leave you with the feeling of happiness and peace.



If you are satisfied you are happy. Happiness and satisfaction go hand in hand. I am sure you all remember days of your childhood when even 2 extra dollars in pocket meant a lot for us, but now even millions are not enough to be happy. Thus it’s not about the money but about satisfaction. Studies have shown that persons who seem to limit their needs are happier.


So, for being happy stay satisfied with your past by forgiving all those who had ever hurt you, limit your needs in present and stay positive for your future.


Time‘s article reported that “neither very good events nor very bad events seem to change people’s happiness much in the long-term.” Studies indicate that most people “revert to some kind of baseline happiness level within a couple of years  even after the most devastating events, like the death of a spouse or loss of limbs.”.  There  is a good news in this studies which is during most of our life we experience a base line level of happiness. one can elevate his or her baseline happiness level. Question is how this can be done?  Yes, it is possible just by meditating few minutes a day and the greatest thing is that it even does not cost a penny.

In my next post, I’ll describe in details about how to meditate to pursue inner peace and joy.



Are there any real happy people that exist in the world? The answer is yes. Researchers at the National Institute on Ageing found that happiness is strongly influenced by enduring characteristics of the individual. In a 10-year study, they found that, regardless of their marital status, job, or residence which had changed during course of study, people with a happy disposition in 1973 were still happy in 1983. Thus the main thing what called as ‘the happy disposition’, which means that some people can still find renewed happiness in the face of difficulty.

What makes for a happy disposition? Who are these people who stay up despite ups and down of their life? There is an important trait of these happy people, i.e., the high Self-esteem which means Happy People Like Themselves. Thus believe in yourself and be happy. Maintain yourself, do whatever you aspire to and keep your head always high not for proud but for self-confidence.


Kindness and giving

Seriously this one is my personal favourite because whenever I am low due to some tough situations in my life, I just step out and donate something to someone who was in need of it. The smiles on their faces make me happy enough to get charged for a new start. So you can also try this like visit an old age home or any orphanage and donate something. Or else you can donate your old bags, clothes anything you want to anyone who needs them in your surrounding.





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