Your Shit tells about your mental health # Gut Brain Axis

We usually admire things which sound big like we admire heart for pumping blood which rushes in our body to keep it alive, we admire brain as our master which controls what is going inside our body. but we hardly even think of gut doing anything more than pooing every day in the morning. But actually, our Gut is much more than a mere bag of shit.

What made me write this post is an event which happened on Saturday get together where I met one of my besties of my school time she used to be the most cheerful girl of our group. But I was surprised to see her so depressed.

As I was unable to control my curiosity,  finally asked her, wtf happened to you. As she was explaining me her problems I can smell her breath which was very strange. During the course of our talk, I came to know that she was recently gone through an intestinal surgery and since then she was feeling very annoying and helpless.

The whole night I was thinking about her. Being a doctorate student in microbiology I can connect this with something called as Microbiota-Gut-Brain-Axis. This is an emerging field both in microbiology as well as in psychiatric medicine.

I know none of my reader like to be engaged in technicalities of this issue because it is very vast and still under research. But, I want you all to understand the basic connection between our gut organisms living in the gut and our mental health.

Our gut is full of various core bacteria that we harbor throughout our adult life. It is established early in our first few years of life and is shaped by a number of factors including mode of delivery (vaginal or C-section), whether we are breastfed or bottle-fed,
diet, medication (in particular antibiotic medication), and exposure to viral or bacterial infections and stress. All these changes which affect colonization of microbiota in our gut also affect our mood and cognitive behavior.

The bacteria present in our Gut secretes various neurotransmitters which through vagus nerve affects our brain. So, every time when the balance will be disturbed between gut microbiota and our brain the result will be stress. long time stress will ultimately lead to depression.

So, now when you all understand the connection between Gut and your Happiness, here are some important tips for keeping you Gut healthy:

  1.  Avoid indiscriminate use of antibiotics
  2. Eat healthy and fibrous diet
  3. Use probiotics at least once in a week
  4. Eat curd, cheese, and other fermented products every time after taking antibiotic medication.
  5. consult your doctor in case of chronic constipation, diarrhea or smelly breath.
  6. don’t use laxatives without consulting physician.
  7. If possible try to breastfeed your child, because it will help them to colonize the good bacteria in their Gut.


So, next time when you think about your body admire your GUT tooo……..

Remember, Happy Gut, Happy mind, Happy youuuuu.


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